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Advanced SystemCare PRO v3
Product description: Top System Utility for Your Superior PC Health Advanced SystemCare Professional provides an always-on and automated, all-in-one PC care service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning functions. Advanced SystemCare Professional, award-winning flagship product of IObit, is recommended most often by IT experts and editors around the world.

Soluciones para Spyware/Adaware

Microsoft Windows defender | Spybot Search & Destroy | Lavasoft - Adaware

Mcafee - Stinger Tools | Yahoo antispyware - From Computer Asociate

Herramientas y utilidades

Ultra VNC Parte-I | Ultra VNC Parte-II | Ultra VNC Documentation | TCP-View tools

Network MonitorNetwork Monitoring tools IP Check Tools

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What is the Zend Optimizer?

The Zend Optimizer is one of the most popular PHP plugins for performance-improvement, and has been available without charge, since the early days of PHP 4. It improves performance by scanning PHP's intermediate code and passing it through multiple Optimization Passes to replace inefficient code patterns with more efficient code blocks. The replaced code blocks perform exactly the same operations as the original code, only faster.

In addition to improving performance, the Zend Optimizer also enables PHP to transparently load files encoded by the Zend Guard.

The Zend Optimizer is a free product available for download from Zend Technologies. Zend Technologies also developed the PHP scripting engine, known as the Zend Engine.